TrueCaller Premium Apk Download v13.78.5 (Gold Unlocked)

TrueCaller Premium Apk v13.78.5 (Gold Unlocked)

Are you get frustrated from spammy calls and fraudulent messages and finding any ways to get rid of this? If yes, then Truecaller premium apk 2024 is just for you. Now, get full control over your incoming calls and messages with this Truecaller Gold apk.The best alternative dialer to you manage your calls, SMS, and chats all in one place.

As we know, Truecaller is available on the play store for free, but it has limited features. To unlock all features, we have to buy their monthly premium membership, which is 49₹/month for Premium Version and 5,000₹/Year for Gold Version.

But today, we will tell you how you can use free premium membership using Truecaller mod apk. Also, we will give you the direct download link from where you can easily download it. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the article.

TrueCaller Premium Apk download from

What is Truecaller

Truecaller is a smartphone application that helps to identify caller ID of unknown incoming calls and messages. The only app which tells who is anonymously calling on your phone. True Software Scandinavia AB developed it in 2009. It is initially launched by Blackberry on July 1, 2009, after seeing impressive user responses, it later launched on Android and Apple.

Truecaller is the best alternative for your stock dialer, in which you can manage calls, chats, and SMS- all in one place. Yes, don’t need and separate messaging application to receive SMS. With 250 Million active users, it becomes the world’s best caller ID and Blocking application having a Community-based spam list updated by millions of users. With daily updates and the integration of new features, now you can use Truecaller to send money, recharge your phone and pay bills using UPI.

What Is Truecaller Premium Apk

Truecaller premium app is a modified (Cracked) version of the official Truecaller application where you get all premium features like Who viewed my profile, no ads, unlimited call recording, and many more for free.

All premium and gold features are activated in this Truecaller pro apk means you have to download apk, and you are ready to keep yourself safe from unwanted calls and spammy messages.

  • Get free premium features
  • Identify incoming caller ID
  • Automatic block of spam calls
  • Enjoy who viewed my profile feature
  • Search name and details of any number
  • Make your inbox spam-free
  • Unlist yourself from Truecaller

TrueCaller Premium Apk download from

Create your profile, mark annoying people as spam, check who is calling your number, and make video calls. You will get access to the world’s largest telephone directory from which you can find any number along with its owner’s name. Also, you can check who is online on Truecaller using the “Last Seen” option.

What Is Truecaller Premium Gold Membership

If you want your profile to stand out from all other users, then a Truecaller gold membership is just for you. In which, whenever you make a call, your name will appear in the shiny gold ‘Caller ID’ interface.

Unlike the premium membership, gold membership has a one-time payment where you have to pay 5,000₹/Year, and you can make yourself stands out from the crowd. Gold Membership has all premium features and some additional features like gold ‘detail view’, a high priority in customer support, and many more.

The one feature I like about gold membership is the premium gold badge next to our profile picture. This makes our profile cool and gives a professional look.

Truecaller Premium apk Features

As I previously mentioned, Truecaller premium apk unlocked all features. Below, I am highlighting some unique features of this mod. If your favorite feature is not listed here, then simply comment down, and I will add this to our list.

Who viewed my profile?

Truecaller provides this impressive feature where you can know who searches you on Truecaller. There are two ways to search people, i.e., by their name and number. The best thing is that your private details like email, address, and individual number are not visible to the user. Also, they can only send you a request if they also had a Truecaller premium.

Whenever someone searches your name or number on Truecaller, you will receive a notification saying that ‘someone has viewed your profile.’ You’ll be able to see the profile of a person by opening a notification.

Incognito mode

This feature is useful when you want to view any non-premium user’s profile without alerting them. That means Truecaller premium apk users will have more advantages over non-premium users. You can always control which information you want to be public by using the ‘Privacy Center’ option in the settings.


Advertisements are the main reason why I always use a paid version of any application. It is frustrating when ads pop up during some critical work. In the premium Truecaller apk, you never face any issue like it. Unlike the free version of the application where you get lots of banner ads, you can enjoy the ad-free experience in a premium one.

Premium badge

If you are a person who wants to stand out in the crowd, then this feature is just for you. This is a premium feature, but you are getting it free in the Truecaller mod apk. You will get a premium batch on your caller ID that gives you a professional look whenever you make a call. You can use this feature to impress your friends by showing them a professional caller ID view.

More contact request

As we know, whenever we search for someone by their name, we have to request them to get full information like private number, email, and address. This is important for keeping user data secure from hackers and spammers.

You get a limited amount of contact requests, or you can earn some for free from your profile option. But by using the cracked Truecaller premium apk, you get an unlimited contact request feature for free.

Spam blocking

This is the most important feature of the premium Truecaller apk, where you will get rid of unknown spam calls and spam SMS. Truecaller automatically identifies every unknown message that receive on your android. Also, it automatically blocks spam calls and SMS from telemarketers.

This is the only all-in-one dialer that you need to keep your android device secure from unwanted calls and lets you connect only with important people.

TrueCaller Premium Apk download from

Some more features

  • Identify unknown caller ID
  • Block anyone by name or number series
  • Automatic records important calls
  • Enjoy UPI payments and recharges
  • Experience enterprise-grade data protection

How To install and use Truecaller Premium Mod APK

Downloading Truecaller mod apk from is a straightforward task. Anyone who has some technical knowledge can download it. If you are new to and downloading applications for the first time, then you should have to read our guide. I am writing this guide from a newbie perspective so that everyone can understand it easily.

Step 1: First of all, click on the above ‘Go To Download Page’ button. After that, you will be redirected to the Truecaller premium download page.

Step 2: Now, click on the ‘Start Download’ button, and you are ready to download an application. If you are getting redirect to the other page, then try to open our website on the Google Chrome browser.

Step 3: After that, go to the file manager and open your downloaded file. It may show you some warning. Just click on ‘settings and then turn on the ‘Allow from this source’ option. Then click back and again open the apk file. This time it will install directly.

  • If you do not see any of these errors, then don’t worry, just install the application, and you are ready to enjoy free Truecaller premium.

Note: If you have any previously installed version of Truecaller on your Android, then uninstall it to use mod Truecaller. Otherwise, it will show the ‘Installation Failed’ error.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Below, I am answering some questions that many users asked me related to the Truecaller premium application. If you think I haven’t picked up your question, then you can comment. I would love to solve your query.

Is the Truecaller hack app safe to use?

Yes, any application you download from is 100% safe to use. I check every modded application for any bugs and viruses, and after passing all my checks, I upload it to our servers.

How does Truecaller work?

Truecaller works on the crowdsourcing principle, where the data is collected from millions of its users and analyzed to get accurate information about a person. If you don’t have any technical knowledge, then it feels like magic that you can search for the name of anyone who is not registered in your phonebook. But for a geeky guy, it is normal.

Whenever you install a Truecaller premium apk, it automatically syncs your phonebook contacts to their server. That means all of your contacts get stored in their database. It has 250 million of active user whose contacts is synced with Truecaller servers.

So whenever any unknown person calls you, there are high chance that a person’s number may be saved in any of these 250 million people’s contact lists. And that’s how you get the caller IDs of unknown people.

How can I remove my number from Truecaller servers?

Below is the step-by-step guide to remove the number.

1: Go to the Truecaller unlist page by clicking here.
2: Enter your mobile number with country code.
3: Click on ‘Unlist Phone Number’.

Without 24 hours, your number will be removed from the Truecaller database.


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